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Really no one does. They ruined her life ;x anyways have a nice day :3KC replied:27 Jun ’11NO ONE MADE HER DO FRIDAY ! SHE WANTED TO DO IT HERSELF ! SHE MADE THE SONG , AND SUNG IT ! MAYBE SHE CAN DO BETTER , IDK , AND IDC , BUT SHES THE ONE WHO WANTED TO DO IT ! PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS !ReplyTasha said:27 Jun ’11rebecca black can actually sing, the ppl who made her do friday ruined her lifeee :/KC replied:27 Jun ’11She made the song , she wanted to do it. the same goes for “weirdmaker” search and you’ll be able to write your text with cool letters provided on that page. Anonymous said:27 Sep ’11May some one please do Kjersten Lynum in an cursive font please? Thank you so much! I really apreaciate it! Every one out there is amazing thank you!sherry replied:27 Sep ’11Okay! I will do it! You are awsome to say that we are so cool! You rock anonomouse!Mr. We’re always updating this page with even more cool weirdmakers, generators and weird maker styles, so be sure to check back often. i dont think SHE would date a normal nobody.CokeorPepsoOrNonGIRL replied:29 Jun ’11he’s cheating on me?! lol jk :)ReplyDrinkCement ;D said:24 Jun ’11Just gotta say. ! xxxmaddy replied:31 Dec ’12can you do maddy please please pleaaseeeeeezz . do u know how 2 put I love Dannii?az [] replied:17 May ’12 love dann l lv dnn Here You Go Babe Hope Thiis Is Okay x =) & Soz For The Late Reply =( xReplyAnonymous said:16 May ’12Please Wirte Fun Momsaz [] replied:17 May ’12f n o fun mms Here You Go Babe Hope Thiis Is Okay x =) & Soz For The Late Reply =( xReplyAnonymous said:16 May ’12Can u do missy loves JordanAnonymous replied:17 May ’12can you do Destinee Pena az [] replied:17 May ‘121: denee pena dstn pn Here You Go Babe Hope Thiis Is Okay x =) 2: y love jordan l mss lvs jrdn Here You Go Babe Hope Thiis Is Okay x =)Replyjason said:16 May ’12i need the word kingdom hearts something that stands outReplyKomal said:10 May ’12Will you do KomalKhan’ Thanks xxaz [] replied:12 May ’12 oalan lh kmlkhn Here You Go Babe Hope Thiis Is Okay x =)Komal replied:14 May ’12Thanks baaaaby az [] replied:15 May ’12awahhh welcome xxx (:Reply. no one said:26 Apr ’11cool this is awesomeAnonymous replied:05 May ’11i know right this is so. Merry Christmas!!ReplyAnonymous said:18 Dec ’11PURO SIINALOA PLEBADAReplyAnonymous said:17 Dec ’11MERRY CHRISTMAS MOOD:EXITED!!ReplyANGELL X said:17 Dec ’11HOW DO YOU WRITE ANGEL IN FANCY LETTERING, ANY IDEAS ?ReplyAnonymous said:17 Dec ’11i know how u du graffitiReplycarkee said:15 Nov ’11i like odd writing, thanks to you odd people! replied:14 Dec ’11HAHAHA , yes i love this writing ,! i’ve been looking for this kind of website for a year now Reply said:14 Dec ’11omg , I LOVE THIS WEBSITE ReplyAnonymous said:22 Nov ’11 WhO CaReS WhEn i cRy ;'( .Anonymous replied:13 Dec ’11Alieee, Whoo Caress? 😀 xReplyAnonymous said:20 Jul ’11Add meh on FB plz !!!!!!!!!!!!z replied:09 Dec ’11whooo i dnt mind if u want xxCute Barbie replied:12 Dec ’11really thats your moveReplyAnonymous said:26 Oct ’11JUSTIN BIEBER IS SEXY!Oh Whaa replied:27 Oct ’11No he’s Not .-. You help us out a lot. (:ReplyAnonymous said:10 Sep ’13Do “Mrs.Bieber 4-EVER!!!”Replygershom said:18 Aug ’13gershom please its a cool nameReplyAlice the Wonderer said:14 Aug ’13Can you do Emo Loves You?ReplyAnonymous said:01 Aug ’13can you do “Nicole”? ReplyRachel said:29 Jul ’13Can you do ” Sophomore do more of what makes you happy”ReplyAnonymous said:26 Jul ’13Ammmmyyyy loves thisReplyAnonymous said:22 Jul ’13can u do leteisha lord plzzzzzz replied:25 Jul ’13 leea lord lh l ltsh lrd Hope I Helped Yuu Babeez ! :’) xoReplyAnonymous said:19 Jul ’13Can you do the whole alphabet?zz replied:20 Jul ’13 f g q z a c d e g j l n o q r v w y z h l c d f g h j k l m n q r s t u v w z Hope I Helped Yuu Babeez ! :’) xoAnonymous replied:22 Jul ’13Meggan zz replied:25 Jul ’13gg eggan mggn Hope I Helped Yuu Babeez ! :’) xoReplyAnonymous said:21 Jul ’13can you do ash here and you only live once.plz!!!ReplyAnonymous said:17 Jul ’13Can you do one that says “everything teen” and another that says “snazzy teens”zz replied:17 Jul ’13″g ” “everyng een” “h ” “vrthng tn” “zz ” “nazzy een” ” ” “snzz tns” Hope I Helped Yuu Babeez ! :’) xoReplyray said:07 Jul ’13do mine plzzzz Ye Ye Itz RAYzz replied:14 Jul ’13 z ye ye z ray tz r Hope I Helped Yuu Babeez ! :’) xoReplyAnonymous said:01 Jul ’13please write Soufiane ElhaganiReplyloreli said:02 Jan ’13Can you do “Call me daddy”zz . lol lol lol lolReplyss lovez ya said:19 Oct ’13Please do “Just Dance”.Replyhot fudgeez pancakez said:17 Oct ’13can u plz do: Heya! TAKEN and HAPPY! ReplyAnonymous said:29 Sep ’13Can you write Jessica?? please?!ReplyMep said:22 Sep ’13Can you do Robyn please?ReplyAnonymous said:19 Sep ’13Can you do: Donna loves you. BILAL said:23 Jan ’13Please write for me in Such beautifull Fonts MsGPrINcE Mansehra LoVe NeVer EndsReplyKatie Jamal said:21 Jan ’13Can you guys please do Katie Jamal and josh Applingzz . replied:02 Dec ’12 jn justn Hope This Helped Babeez . E-mail address: Password: Remember Me I forgot my password I want to join .. There is so many ways we can tell you ”Thank You”. type symbols in the search box of the site and find out about symbols too. Please tell me. You can also start a contest to get username ideas from other people. I hate haters, they irritate me. said:09 Oct ’11I need to have a simple kind of swirly writing which is easy to read.ReplyTwilight said:05 Oct ’11can u write lots and lots of funky writing ?ReplyAnonymous said:01 Oct ’11woaah i need a jess symbol please.Replyjustin said:01 Oct ’11can you write selena gomez please hope you can :)ReplyAnonymous said:01 Oct ’11oops . replied:02 Dec ’12Heeyy LOL Would You Like Mee To Do That Or SomeThiing =) xxReplyAnonymous said:29 Nov ’12can you write Justinzz . ! xxxReplyyeahhh said:29 Mar ’13Can you do ImperfectReplyMargaux said:26 Mar ’13Margaux In a dream-filled GalaxyReplyAnonymous said:24 Mar ’13Justin Bieber please :)zz replied:24 Mar ’13 jn eer justn r Hope This Helped Babeez . Security CheckPlease enter the text belowCan’t read the text above?Try another text or an audio captchaEnter the text you see above.Why am I seeing this?Security CheckThis is a standard security test that we use to prevent spammers from creating fake accounts and spamming users.Submit.. My name is Julia. ls cn kll. O••..••.• Chatname Inspiration •.••..••O. I have something to complain about: Rebbecca Black’s Friday song IS and will probably always BE the worst song ever, Id rather get Rick Roll’d. it’s in blue color font!Reply. Geez, Just Get Lost, If Yuu Got Nufin’ Nice 2 Say 2 Her. Thank you so so muchReplycatherine said:29 Sep ’11please do ‘catherine’ in differnent fonts and lots of different colours please:)Replybradley green said:28 Sep ’11can u do tyler in a loads of funkey fonts plzReply. replied:29 Dec ’12 aa h sh Hope This Helped Babeez . Anonymous said:14 Nov ’11pudsy day pot the marbleReplyAnonymous said:09 Nov ’11Hey guys can you guys do graffiti?Anonymous replied:09 Nov ’11nope sorry i would though :)Replycandywandy xx said:09 Nov ’11wassabi ppl dis weird maker is 2 funkyReplyMsp USerr said:06 Nov ’11hey, i have no idea how to use this. replied:27 Dec ’12:) Luv Yuu Shaz. ! xxxReplyAnonymous said:01 Dec ’12Can you write “I am Lucifer” please?zz . Whats up people?ReplyRacheeellll 😛 said:12 Apr ’11Please can someone Write a poem about friends for me please,, thankssssssssssss!!!!! and wtf why is everyone tryin to be just bieber he would not be on a weird writin maker,, LOL this made me laff so muchhhh 5a02188284

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